JLH Production 3D Event...The Buzz



The unthinkable becomes reality.

At the forefront of technology, the hologram is a digital visual prowess.

We have an unrivaled know-how to create, transform and produce any medium hologram.

The communication by the hologram is a unique and innovative way to promote themselves




Show Laser...

Intense sensation times.

Our expertise in Laser Programming meet your requirements for projecting a company logo or product, even the most impossible surfaces.

We are able to design you a Laser Show with 3D graphic design and animation are surprising.




Vidéo Mapping...

The art of makeup in the picture.

The effect of media fascinates, given the projected bright murals on the buildings.

Thanks to the specific use of software, videos, and effects, our DJ Light gives relief and animates these structures, even on volumes 360.