The public is always amazed by Laser Show. A vision of multi-colored laser beams, lasers shows captivate the viewers attention. The projection laser causes an atmosphere breathtaking! It gives the audience a feeling of being inside the show.

Our expertise in 3D Laser Show will give another dimension to your event ...

Make your fashion show unique and luminous moment. Using 3D laser to sublimate the presentation of a new product. Project the company logo on a building, or in an expo hall, so you can be spotted quickly.

Let you out of our laser technology!

Each Laser Show will be designed especially for you, and exactly meet your needs.

Our Laser fleet allows us to accompany you in the most minimalist to the most extravagant events.

We are equipped to follow you on tour in the largest concert halls in France and abroad



                          Lasers Our Shows are scheduled on a "Time-Line" frame by frame sync sue music.


                                                   Presentation and Fashion Show - Wedding Fair - Lille Grand Palais