Hologram...concentrate frame digital...

The appearance of the hologram on stage always causes surprise and astonishment of the public, one reation: wow!

Our holographic projection system is the most efficient in the world and allows you to go beyond the limits of the understanding. We provide access to digital images in 3D, it is an infinite visual freedom. We can create, sculpt, animate characters and objects, and add special effects to trigger the fascination of spectators.

Make your event a unique and extraordinary moment, forever you will score the minds of your listeners by the hologram.

For a show, a convention, an interview, a fashion show, corporate greeting, a live statement, a television show, launching a product, a private party, the hologram will trigger a dramatic effect.




Hologram Relive

Who has not dreamed of seeing one of his favorite stars on stage?

With our technology "face-of" and video post-production cutting, we work on different levels of the past videos of the star, to create new ones, for the "resurrection of the star" in hologram.

On the occasion of Ramadan nights at the Sheraton in Algiers, the LG company contacted us to revive two stars from the world of Arabic music, "Kamel Messaoudi" and "Cheb Hasni."

At this event, the appearance of holograms "Kamel Messaoudi" and "Cheb Hasni" provoked intense emotions to the public.





Visio Interactive Hologram

Often the hologram is used for interactivif at conferences, visual presentations or conferences. Some leaders or personalities appeal to the hologram to represent them at international meetings, they are transmitted via a "streaming" live in diferent countries simultaneously. The audience can then interact to the hologram, by asking questions, the interviewer, and communicate its impressions. This hologram telepresence technology is often used when a large person can travel to the event location.

The new generation of holographic video conferencing is an effective solution for the communication of tomorrow